Saxon Castle-churches in Transylvania between Segesvár and Medgyes

Photos by Zoltán György Horváth
Text by Zoltán György Horváth and Béla Gondos

The photo exhibition can be seen now:
19. May - 23. June 2001.
Somogybabod, cultural centre (county Somogy)
24. June - end of August 2001.
Látrány, cultural centre (county Somogy)

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The castle-church of Berethalom

Jesus' birth on the vault of the sanctuary of the Saxon castle-church in Almakerék

In Eastern Transylvania, more or less in the territory between the towns Medgyes, Segesvár, Brassó and Nagyszeben, many German settlers, mostly Saxons, have found new home. Since we are at the border of the Hungarian Kingdom, it is not surprising, that in the middle ages in the Saxon settlements - like also in the nearby Székely (Hungarian) villages - numorous, mostly also very picturesque castle-churches were built.

On the photo exhibition from the roughly 200 (!) Saxon castle-churches the ones between Segesvár and Medgyes are presented. It is not accidental: the monumental and often manyfold protective walls, the squat, picturesque towers are also here everywhere, and one of the most beautiful fresco cycles of Hungary, that remained in excellent condition, can be found in Almakerék. The especially well built castle-church of Berethalom is officially the part of the world cultural heritage. But remarkable and nice details of art and architecture can be found in every church.

The presented settlements: Dános, Almakerék, Szászsáros, Berethalom, Ecel, Baráthely, Szászbuzd

There is a more detailled text available in Hungarian and German about the history of the monuments.

The photo exhibition was made with the financial support of the Society of the Hungarians from Transylvania (Budapest), Tibor Kozek and his wife (Budapest - Berkeley, USA) and Kenneth R. Crounse (Berkeley, USA).