Mediaeval monuments in the upper Tisza region (Northeastern Hungary)

Photos by Zoltán György Horváth
Text by Zoltán György Horváth and Béla Gondos

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St. George's fight with the dragon on the northern wall of the now Calvinist church of Tarpa (Gothic fresco, 14-15th c.)

Early Gothic, now Calvinist church in Csenger (ca. 1322)

A great number of wonderful treasures of Hungarian culture can be found in the northeastern part of Hungary, in the upper Tisza region, both on this side of the border erected on the map after World War I, and also in the area of the former Hugarian Kingdom which belongs in our days to the Ukraine. Pretty Romanesque churches with a mostly special architecture (e. g. in Csengersima, Csaroda, the sixfoiled round churches of Gerény und Karcsa), probably the most beautiful Gothic fan vault of Hungary in Nyírbátor, wonderful Gothic frescoes (e. g. in Gerény, Csaroda, Ófehértó, Nyíracsád, Nyírbéltek), beautiful wooden bell towers of Calvinist churches (e. g. in Nyírbátor, Nagyszekeres, Csetfalva), peculiar wooden grave signs in the cemetery of Szatmárcseke, coffered wooden ceilings with old Hungarian motifs in unbelievable richness (e. g. in Csenger, Csengersima, Gyügye, Tákos, Gacsály, Csetfalva). Treasures, treasures and treasures again. Peace and quiet on both sides of the present border - for culture is whole and it remains whole.

The presented churches are to be found in Nyíracsád, Nyírbéltek, Nyírbátor, Csenger, Szamostatárfalva, Csengersima, Gacsály, Vámosoroszi, Nagyszekeres, Gyügye, Fehérgyarmat, Szatmárcseke, Tarpa, Csaroda, Tákos, Vámosatya, Kisvárda, Ófehértó, Napkor, Karcsa, Palágykomoróc, Mezővári, Csetfalva, Gerény

The photo exhibition was made with the financial support of the Soros Foundation (Budapest).