Frescos in Székely churches

Photos by Zoltán György Horváth
Text by Zoltán György Horváth and Béla Gondos

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Jesus on the cross, Gelence

St. Elisabeth of the Árpád dynasty attending a sick, Nagygalambfalva

The richness of art relics in Transylvania is especially significant. We have already introduced the castle-churches, the peculiar architectural relics of the Székelys (Hungarians living in East-Transylvania, in the south-east corner of the Hungarian Kingdom). This exhibition is about the mediaeval frescos of the Székely churches.

This fresco treasure is significant in quantity and also in quality. (The frescos exhibited here are from the 14th and 15th century, the late Gothic period.) It is exceptionally unique, that between Székelykeresztúr and Székelyudvarhely, two towns about 20 km apart, one can find frescos in 8 churches, in almost all villages between them. The frescos of Székelyderzs, Gelence and Bögöz are so outstanding pieces of art, that "they would be wondered by us also in Italy". Those who know us understand, that this statement is the greatest compliment possible from us. Those who know Italy, also understand why...

The villages featured in the exhibition are: Székelykeresztúr, Rugonfalva, Nagygalambfalva, Székelyderzs, Bögöz, Felsőboldogfalva, Farcád, Csíkdelne, Csíkrákos, Csíkszentmihály, Csíkmenaság, Bibarcfalva, Gelence, Kézdiszentlélek.

There is a more detailed text available in Hungarian about the history of the monuments.

The photo exhibition was made with the financial support of the Society of the Hungarians from Transylvania (Budapest) and Gábor Badics (Vienna).

Details of the St. Ladislas' legend of Székelyderzs:

St. Ladislas in the pursecution scene

The saint king is fighting with the nomad Cumanian soldier. The soldier, as the allegory of the evil is blowing flames through his mouth.

Resting after the fight